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International Conference " The Exception and the Rule. Psychological and Legal Aspects of the C


Nowadays the topic of rule (o regulation), rule conflict and conflict among rules and violations is one of the fundamental problems of civic society.  Exceptions to the rule are penalized but can sometimes survive and lead a parallel life, even modify official rules. In which cases violations become regulatory and acceptable?  Which are the  psychological, educational, social and institutional processes that  children and adults apply in order to create implicit and parallel norms? How can they force school, community and State, in other words the social system, into absorbing the norms in its body of law?

The urge to answer these question is what this convention is about. This symposium will host many professionals that in their daily practice have to face the issue of norms and their violation, creating a multidisciplinary debate.

The convention is divided into two sections: first a general and theoretical approach on the matter followed by a discussion focused on operative implications in different life context.

This initiative is addressed not only to professionals in the field of norms and rules but to a much wider audience: new generations entering a world where regulations are enshrined and violated, generations with educational and managing responsibilities and, in general,  all the actors in the regulation culture. 

last update: 23-Jan-2018
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