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Unità di ricerca in Ricerche narrative e processi di sviluppo

Activities of MetaEs lab

Research: The work about the narration as an instrument to improve the medical diagnostic-assistential route on the one hand and on the other hand to strengthen the awareness of the self and the other at sanitary staff and patients. In this study, different projects of research and intervention are realized:

1. Narration is used as an instrument that improves the diagnostic and assistential route of the patient with the goal to evaluate the entire assistential process of the anamnesis where information is gathered “traditionally” vs. “narrative listening”.

2. Narration is used as an instrument that improves the formative process of the medical and nurse, with the goal to evaluate the effects of a permanent formation, based on reading/producing narrations.

3. Narration is used as an instrument that permits the patient to live the experience of his illness with more awareness. The role of narration, regarding the modification of the autobiographical memory and the meanings which are attributed to the story of the illness, is evaluated by the way in which it influences the relationship which develops between patient and interviewer.

Archive of stories of illness: Further, the laboratory proposes to create an archive of stories of illness and to function as a centre for the analysis and interpretation of the stories of illness, which can be used by patients and medicals.

Formation: The laboratory aims to offer a place of formation for students, where the development of undergraduate, master and PhD theses can be realized as well as the opportunity for internships. Further, the laboratory will promote courses of perfection, adjourning and starting regarding aspects of work, be it for students or operators. The laboratory (in its’ function as university or Local Sanitary Unit “USL”) offers internships for bachelor or master students from the University of Florence and for graduates in order to divulge the approach of Narrative Psychology and the use of autobiographical stories among medical practitioners.


last update: 17-Dec-2017
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