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Developmental process evaluation laboratory


The aim of the "Developmental process evaluation laboratory" is to detect, through various methods and specific techniques (as direct and indirect observations, experimental research, conversation and interview, text and paint analysis and longitudinal research), informations about normal or abnormal developmental processes in different context. Another purpose of the laboratory is to design and realize investigations devoted to the study of cognitive-linguistic, emotional and social processes over the life span. The laboratory is equipped with video recording instruments, coding and video recordings analysis emplacements, on-line computers supplied with different software as text analysis software (narrative productions), statistical analysis software and bibliographic storage software.

The laboratory main research interests are:

  • written language acquisition processes (reading and writing) and the cross-linguistic paradigm;

  • the development of the perspective and graphic representation system;

  • risks and protections factors connected to the social competence in the life course;

  • bullying and aggressive behaviors in childhood and adolescence;

  • personal and social development longitudinal studies on the adolescence stage of life;

  • cognitive processes at the base of the medical diagnosis;

  • individual and meta-individual processes involved in the individual psychopathological development;

  • narrative processes implicated in the connection between life experience reconstruction and Self development.

The laboratory training course (directed to students, near-graduate students, apprentice and PhD students) are finalized to learn the use of instruments and techniques for the execution of experiments and practice exercises in the field of developmental psychology.


last update: 23-Jan-2018
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