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Unità di ricerca in Ricerche narrative e processi di sviluppo

Research Unit

The main aim of the Research Unit (RU) of Narrative Studies and Developmental Processes is to study the narrative processes considered as a mean to understand memories and personal and professional identity and as a tool that allows changes in autobiographical memory, through the elaboration of painful personal experiences and through the relation with others.


The studies of the RU apply to many fields. The main research interests of the RU are the relations between narrative processes and:

  • Child and adolescent’s typical and atypical development with a main regard to the trajectories of development that are more at risk;
  • The self-presentation in virtual contexts (social network, forum, chat)
  • Situation and contexts of health and illness
  • Teacher’s professional training
  • Child and adolescent’s cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Body modifications in juvenile gothic subcultures (Punk, Heavy Metal, Emo)
last update: 18-Jan-2018
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