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International Conference "Beyond the information given": reflections on the legacy of Jerome Bruner



The purpose of this conference is to reflect on the legacy of Jerome Bruner, in particular with a focus on the concept of going "Beyond the information given", notion at the base of the constructivist theories about the meaning building, creativity and the narrative turn. Special emphasis will be directed on the development of the narrative competence during the childhood and on the role this competence have in the reality construction.

This conference is addressed to psychology students and scholars and to those who are interested or deal with the narrative autobiographical dimension in the fields of education, social, health and child services.

The following speakers will participate at the conference:

Federico Batini, Department of Philosophy, Social Science, Human and Educational Science, University of Perugia, IT;

Jens Brockmeier, Department of Psychology, The American University of Paris, FR;

Alessandra Fasulo, Department of Psychology, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK;

Simone Giusti, Association "L' Altra Città", Grosseto, IT;

Ilaria Grazzani, Department of Human Science and Educational Science "R. Massa", University of Milan Bicocca, IT;

Tilmann Habermas, Department of Psychology, Goethe University, Frankfurt, D;

Antonio Iannaccone, Institute of Psychology and Educational Science, Center of Research in Socio-cultural Psychology, Neuchatel, CH;

Emiddia Longobardi, Department of Dynamic and Clinic Psychology, University of Rome "La Sapienza", IT;

Veronica Ornaghi, Department of Human Science and Educational Science "R. Massa", University of Milan Bicocca, IT;

Dolores Rollo, Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, IT;

Sergio Salvatore, Department of History, Society and Human Studies, University of Lecce , IT;

Andrea Smorti, Department of Psychology and Educational Science, University of Florence, IT.

This event have been financed by the Tuscany Region (in the context of the "CAB" project POR CREO RSI 2014-20/11-16/fl) and "Associazione Italiana di Psicologia" (AIP).

For more informations contact the "Developmental process evaluation laboratory" of the Florence Department of Psychology which is established in Via San Salvi, 12, Pavilion 26 - 50135, Florence Telephone number 055-2755030

last update: 23-Jan-2018
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